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Which Brand Of Tire Do You Use For Your Car?

We get different brand of tires in the market today. Which brand of tire to choose? This is the question many of them would ask because of the bad experience they have with their tires. Some of us keep changing tires like clothes and we are happy with none of them. Before moving further on tires, you have to keep one thing in mind, however good your tire may be, you’re driving standards and driving terrain to a large extent decides the life of your tires. Ok agreed that you are a good driver and takes proper care of your car but still your tires get punctured and cracked quite often. Many a times we go by brand names and advertisements which are quite misleading.  For example, you see a tire advertisement which says that these tires will never get punctured even if you drive on hard terrains and believing in this, you fix those tires to your automobile and drive on a rough terrain ending up with punctured tires.

Some brands of tires spend lots on TV, magazine and web advertisements and give their own positive reviews to increase their tire sales and poor customers are taken for a big ride. Even the best brand of tires with maximum positive rating may be a total failure when it comes to you.

What has to be done in such cases? The best thing that can be done here is to consult your friends to know which brand of tire serves best or you see the net for customer reviews for various brands or even ask your car mechanic about it. If you ask me I would suggest you to buy pirelli tires which has a considerable market share and has earned a good name in tire industry.

This tire is manufactured with the latest technology and is good performers while it comes to driving on all terrains and in all seasons. They are long lasting and there is no question of punctures as these are tubeless tires and it is the tubes that get punctured.

Pirelli tires are available in the nearest tire showroom near you and if you cannot find one, you can go to their website, browse, and order and get it delivered at your doorstep. Even sites like Amazon and snapdeal sell pirelli tires.

The website shows you tires of varying sizes and different performance standards like all-terrain tires, ultra high performance tires, touring tires and all season tires to suit your needs. It is clear from above classification that no single tire would do the best on all occasions and you can consult a customer service representative to guide you in this matter.

As far as customer reviews and complaints for pirelli tire is concerned, it has a good customer rating and more positive reviews than complaints. As for your car, it is left for you to choose the best tire after reading this article.