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When Should You Replace Your Windscreen?

Considering the cost and time that is involved, most vehicle owners would prefer to repair rather than replace parts of their car. This is something that is especially desired when it comes to your windscreen. Thanks to modern technology, it is becoming easier and easier to repair windshields. Before, you would need to replace your entire window, regardless of how bad the damage was. However, with all of the means available today, a fix is not always possible. This begs the question, when can you repair the glass and when do you need to resort to a brand new windscreen?

The Size of the Crack

One of the main determining factors whether or not to go with car window replacement is the size of the crack in question. In most cases, repair companies will fix cracks that are less than fourteen inches long. This is not something that is adhered to by all, however. This is because you will also need to take the type of crack into consideration. Typically, however, you will find that the smaller the crack is, the more likely it is to be fixable. That being said, you will need to take your car in immediately after the fissure has appeared. If you wait too long, it may worsen and the only solution may be brand new glass.

Type of Chip

The next thing that the repair companies focus on is the type of damage that has been done. For instance, does it appear that the glass has cracked or is it more of a smashed windscreen. Cracks tend to be easier to fix as it means that less damage has been done. If the glass has been smashed, it is quite possible that it cannot be used any longer. This is because in such scenarios, the destruction has not only affected the outer layer of the glass but also the internal layer.

Placement of the Crack

Then there is the matter of where the crack has actually appeared. Is it somewhere in the centre of the windscreen or is it one of the edges. If the chip is in the middle of the screen, there is a good chance that the repair shop will simply fix it for you. If it is the outer edges, though, you may require a replacement. This is because cracks in these positions tend to spread and increase in size quite quickly. Not to mention, they also compromise the structural integrity of the entire glass. As a result, it is actually not all that safe to simply repair it.

Driver’s Side or Passenger Side

Speaking of placement, an auto shop will look at whether the chip is on the driver’s side of the shield or the passenger’s side. When you fix a glass, you typically are only gaining back about 75 percent to 95 percent of the visibility back. Therefore, you can expect a little bit of distortion. This is why most repair companies are reluctant to fix cracks that may have formed on the driver’s side. When viewing the road through a fixed glass, the clarity may be reduced or you may not be able to see as well.

To reduce the chance of replacement, it is best to take in your vehicle to the shop as soon as you notice the crack or the chip. Even then, you must anticipate that it is better and safer for you to simply get a new glass.