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What to Seek in a Shower Screen

One of the best ways to enhance the looks of your shower is by installing a shower screen that is frameless and made of glass. This type of stylish accessory is designed to make showering a more enjoyable experience. Frameless shower screens are notable, as they are not only elegant but are strong as well. Plus, they are featured in a number of innovative designs, each of which is suited to the customer’s specific requirements and tastes. Strict manufacturing guidelines are also followed to ensure quality.

Shower Screen Features

You can select shower screens with the following features:

  • Mirage square cut
  • Mirage
  • Tri-slider designs
  • Corner-entry slider styles
  • Full-framed configurations

Corner Access and Better Space Utilisation

One of the best glass screens to use in terms of space utilisation is a full-framed screen with magnetic doors. The dual sliding doors for this product permit corner access to the shower enclosure. So, if floor space in your bathroom is at a premium, this is the shower screen to select. Therefore, if you have a vanity, bath, or toilet that restricts entry to your current shower enclosure, you can remove the problem with this type of screen.

The magnetic closures on the screen are incorporated with PVC-coated magnetic strips. By utilising this type of construction, door roll-back ceases to be a problem in a limited space. This type of screen also adds to the water resistance, thereby enhancing the function and safety of a bathroom.

An Economical Selection

Customers who choose this type of shower screens in Perth can create a premium bathroom screen at a surprisingly economical price. This type of screen is also low-maintenance, as the smooth contours of the screen and tracking sill are designed to minimise the buildup of soap scum in the shower. As a result, the need for maintenance is not as great when this type of screen is installed.

Indeed, this type of screen provides maximum operation capability, as the components and extrusions employed in the fabrication of this entry screen combine to create a silent and streamlined operation of the sliding door panel whenever it is used.

Water Resistance Benefits

The water resistance provided by the screen lowers external splashes by combining a magnetic closure, vinyl spray flap, and innovative sill design to ensure a safer and drier bathroom. This corner enclosure is made to be used with toughened glass that is five millimetres or six millimetres in size. It will also accept toughened glass that is laminated and 6.5 millimetres in size.

In order to find out more about this type of screen or other screen designs, you should call the company that features them for a no-obligation quote. When you choose this type of screen, you are adding an installation that will help you save space while keeping you and your family safe at the same time. This is just a sample of how a simple bathroom upgrade like a shower screen can improve your overall quality of life.