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What Makes a Good Car Repair Garage?

Most of us form an emotional attachment to our cars, and we spend many hours cleaning and polishing our pride and joy, and any malfunction, no matter how insignificant, would be immediately remedied. In the unlikely event you are involved in a car accident and your vehicle is damaged, it can be a very stressful experience, and with that in mind, here are some things to look for when sourcing a body repair shop.

  • Factory Approved Repairs – There are many ways to cut corners with bodywork repairs, and some establishments are very frugal on their repair techniques, looking to save money by using inferior paint or perhaps parts that are not genuine. The car maker is not going to put their reputation on the line by giving a repair shop their seal of approval unless it follows a strict set of best practices, which would include recommended paint and dent removal techniques.
  • Transparent Process – When your pride and joy has been damaged, you want to know exactly what will be done, and the technician assigned to your vehicle would give you a detailed breakdown of the repair process, and if there were options, he would make the customer aware, and with your best interests at heart, you can be sure of the best repair. If you require BMW smash repairs in Melbourne, there is an excellent repair company that ticks all the boxes, and makes the process as painless as possible, while restoring your car to its former glory.
  • First Class Service – From the initial call to the handover, you should expect prompt and friendly service at all times. A busy repair shop would have a system in place, and with a pleasant area to relax and enjoy a freshly brewed coffee, the experience would be enjoyable. If you are one of those people who never has enough time, they would offer a collection and delivery service, and a free loan car would likely be on the menu, allowing you to continue with your busy schedule.
  • Prompt Repair – You might receive an excellent job from a small workshop, but if they were any good, they would be booked for days, or even weeks, which is why you should look for a large organisation that has the resources to carry out the work in a timely fashion. For some people, losing their car is akin to losing their legs, and the least amount of time it takes to repair, the better.
  • Affordability – The very best doesn’t always have to be the most expensive, and while it pays to avoid unusually low prices, the quote should be realistic, even if it is covered by insurance. If you have the time to compare a few garages, so much the better, but try to avoid workshops that are not factory approved, no matter how cheap it might be.

If you have any problems locating a car smash repair company, Google is your best friend and can certainly help you to locate a suitable repair outfit.