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What Are The Different Types Of Cars That You Can Hire For Your Trip?

When you are going on a holiday, you will need to think about the type of car that you are going to hire for the entirety of the trip. You should think carefully about what car will suit the type of holiday that you are taking and the number of people who are coming on the holiday with you.

Which type of car is going to suit you the best?

A Hatchback

When you are enjoying a city break, you will want to be able to get around easily whilst looking consummately stylish. You might want to choose a hatchback so that you can soak up the rays as you are driving through the city.

This is the perfect car if you are travelling on your own, or if it is just you and your partner. You will be able to go far and wide in next to no time at all. Find a rental company that offers an extremely wide range of different colours and styles. You will find one that matches your personality completely.

This type of car is not suitable if you are going to be travelling cross country with a few young children. This is because they will find the back seats incredibly uncomfortable and they will have limited legroom. You will be able to choose from a wide array of hatchbacks at Express Rent A Car.


An SUV is the perfect urban vehicle if you have a lot of luggage that you are bringing with you. The SUV is also a wise choice if you have a lot of children who are going to be joining you on your travels.

You should find an SUV that is very fuel efficient so that you will not be spending a lot of petrol money on your trip. Then you can use that money on other parts of the holiday such as hotels and food.

An Estate Car

Estate cars are built for comfort rather than speed. They have a lot of legroom and there can be television sets mounted in the back of the headrests in order to keep the kids entertained. The seats will be luxuriously cushioned. This is extremely important if you are going to drive long distances or if you experience back pain whilst you are driving.

Estate cars are also very fuel efficient. This means that you will not be wasting too much money on petrol and you can use that money for lots of other things.

An Off-Roader

Sometimes you will want to take a trip over rugged terrain in order to get your adrenaline going. This is a good strategy if you are enjoying a camping or fishing holiday in the great outdoors.

When you are looking to hire a care, you need to think about what the most suitable type is for the trip.