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Vehicle Branding Options

Company vehicles serve a number of roles. From material transport to employee transport, these vehicles are major logistical tools for any business. Though with the implementation of truck and or car wraps, decals or magnets, your company vehicles can even become and effective branding tool.

Company vehicles can become branded with company logos, colours, service information and more. Your vehicle can turn from another car or truck on the road to a driving billboard that captures the attention of walk by traffic and other motorists. Full and partial wraps, decals and magnets can all be used as effective vehicle branding tools.

Your personal budgets, vehicles, branding goals and other factors will all dictate what style of vehicle branding is right for you. Consider these 3 types of vehicle branding materials as well as some helpful design tips to spark your inspiration. For more information, contact a trusted print and or branding professional today.

Custom Vehicle Decals
These materials are made of vinyl and are applied as stickers with transparent backgrounds. Vehicle decals can be ideal for vehicle doors, tailgates, windows and more. Contacts information, logos, slogans and more can be communicated with a custom vehicle decal. Many individual decals can be applied on a ingle vehicle.

Custom Vehicle Wraps
Custom wraps can cover portions or entire company cars, vans and trucks. Wraps can be custom designed with any respective imagery, statement, information or other creative aspects. These wraps are made from large sheets of vinyl. Full vehicle wraps also provide a layer between your vehicleÕs actual exterior and the various damaging elements that driving can cause. Wraps can protect against paint chips, small vehicle dents, rust and other damages. These can be the most complete, professional and effective form of vehicle branding.

Vehicle Magnets
Large magnets can also be used to brand your vehicle. High-quality vehicle magnets can be up 2 square feet in size and can display and proposed design. These magnets are designed to go onto vehicle doors. Magnets are cost effective and can last for years. In regards to removal, magnets are the easiest form of vehicle branding to get rid of.

Vehicle Branding Tips
When designing your vehicle branding items, you have complete design and creative freedom. Make sure your efforts are consistent with existing advertising and branding efforts. These are 5 key considerations to keep in mind when deciding between or developing new vehicle branding material designs.
* Goal Orientated Ð Consider what you are trying to gain and design the materials around that. Simple exposure can be done with a logo and contact information. Though, outlining key services, savings or discounts can be more effective for increasing sales volumes.
* Simplicity Is Key Ð Other drivers do not read long paragraphs. Be concise and only include vital information.
* Compliment With Takeaways Ð Arm the inside if your vehicle with brochures, flyers or business cards to help boost the conversion rates of your vehicle branding and exposure efforts.
* Make Contact Ð DonÕt let these vehicles sit indoors. Even if your business is seasonal, try to drive these vehicles consistently to receive continual benefits. Consider parking them up in high visibility areas.
* Bold Is Impactful Ð Bland or small signage will not have an impact. People see nearly countless advertisements each day. Be bold to stand out from other large advertisements and wrapped vehicles.