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Tyres for Luxury Cars: Finding the Gorgeous Match

Your luxury car is an extension of you, and tyres are the extension of your car. No wonder you look not just for regular rubber shoes, but premium tyres for gorgeous and upmarket performance in everything they are intended for – comfort, perfect grip and road holding, fuel efficiency, long life, and silence. So, how to select high-performance   tyres that would harmonize with your luxury car? The tyre professionals from the UK online retailers and are ready to break the secrets of a perfect match down for you.

Essentials of a perfect luxury tyre choice

Buy and mount 4 new identical tyres on your car. If you ignore this principle, you may face serious handling issues when old tyres don’t respond in a similar way as the new ones. It can be especially dangerous in winter. If 1 tyre of the set was damaged, replace it with the same type of tyre (mind brand, speed rating, season, and size) or at least the one with the same specifications (speed rating, season, and size). If you are going to make a total set change, it’s a perfect opportunity to upgrade to a higher grade of a tyre product, whether you need to have a better fuel efficiency, traction, or a long lasting solution.

Tyres for luxury cars: what criteria to look for?

  1. Size: The marking on the tyre’s sidewall must match the specification by your car manufacturer (you can learn it either from the manual or from the information on your car’s door jamb. Don’t use undersized tyres; they can fail to cope with the load and respond incorrectly. Plus-sizing up to 15% is usually ok for the SUVs.
  2. Season: Tyres must be chosen according to the driving conditions you face on a regular basis. If hard-packed snow and black ice are rare things in the location where you drive and you drive mostly on highways rather than winding mountain roads, premium all-season tyres would be more than enough. Smooth, silent, and responsive driving is their major benefit. In the opposite situation, you will need snow or winter tyres for a reliable grip on wet, snowy, or icy roads. If you face both of these situations interchanging, it’s better to have two sets of tyres (for both warm and cold seasons).
  3. Look: Whether you want unique custom wheels or you think about trying something bigger and more impressive, always consult a tyre professional to select the most winning look. You don’t want to get your safety and total handling performance compromised by those frills.