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Toyota Cars – Leading the Way In Terms Of Safety and Reliability

There might be instances when Toyota may have had to recall cars or it has received some bad press for some fault or the other but as a brand, Toyota has always emerged stronger from these bad phases. In a few surveys done recently regarding safety and reliability among cars, Toyota has managed to head the list. In fact, this has also happened because throughout its history Toyota has stepped up the plate and added a number of important safety features to its fleet of cars. In various tests and surveys done so far, millions of people have voted in favor of Toyota.


You can get the latest Toyota cars from your Boise Toyota Dealerships. What has further helped these cars is that they have performed really well at rollover and crash tests performed by the insurance industry as well as various governmental entities in the United States of America (USA). These cars are also equipped with electronic stability controls that can be normally seen in mainstream trim lines with high volume. These features have also helped to be considered as the safest and most reliable options out there. The cars of Toyota have performed well across several categories.

Issues and problems

Several research groups and other similar entities have also performed tests where they have asked people who owned old Toyota cars (an average age of three years) if they faced any issues as such with these cars. Suffice to say, Toyota cars have come out with flying colors in these cases as well. In fact, they have been highly awarded in such tests, which is a proper testament to their overall quality and the high standards that they set. Toyota has performed commendably well in several car categories such as compact cars and large multi-activity category. The same can be said about the midsize car category too as well as minivan and sub-compact car categories.

Protection from impact

There are also a number of institutions that have performed their own tests regarding how efficient cars are in protecting the people inside from side and frontal impacts as well as rear impacts and rollovers. In these tests too, Toyota has performed so far better than most other top car brands in the USA. Go get your Boise Toyota car today itself. In all the different categories Toyota cars have come out on the top or tantalizingly close to it.

Safety features

Toyota is one of the first car makers to have installed the system known as Star Safety System. The five main safety features, in this case, may be mentioned as below:

  • Vehicle stability control
  • Traction control
  • Anti-lock braking system
  • Brake assist
  • Electronic brake-force distribution

All these features have their definite functions and a definite aim – of keeping you safe. Toyota has made a name for itself over the years thanks to the sterling service it has provided to you and me. It does not always matter what the media is saying about you – what matters is the performance of the cars.