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Top reasons to drive a Kia

Beautiful… sleek… decked out…cars!  Bismarck Kia displays the models that have proven that beauty does go beyond the surface. Kia is taking the lead on the runway in affordable quality, safety, and have now become one of the most reliable brands of automobiles made in 2016.

Kia Past

You’ve heard it said “Don’t despise the day of small beginnings.” Well Kia’s day of small beginning’s was back in 1944 as they manufactured bicycles and motorcycle parts.

They added a couple more wheels and started manufacturing cars in the early 1960’s. Today Kia is the second largest vehicle manufacturing company in South Korea and a leading global brand.

Kia Present

Quality, great pricing, looks and great design make up the Kia automobiles. The Soul, Sorento, and Sedona are three 2016 models that were chosen as top safety picks of the year by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). The designs and colors are across the board in meeting the demands of the public in as far as the consumers’ needs and wants. It’s like being able to afford class even on a working man’s salary. These three top of the line auto’s plus the new Niro hybrid were just displayed as the future.

Kia Future

“The autonomous life,” was the theme in Las Vegas at the 2016 SEMA show where the future of Kia was displayed, using concept cars that are actually current models at a Bismarck kia dealership. The theme “the autonomous life” created the designs of self-driving cars that were actually extensions of their owner’s lifestyles.

Kia Soul was displayed as The Soul First Class, representing urban businesspeople.  The interior was designed without a steering wheel and the front seats faced towards the rear so the occupants could conduct business and watch the large screen TV displayed.

The Kia Sorento’s design was focused on the great outdoors. The Sorento Ski Gondola represented a bus transporting skiers up and down the mountain, a life of leisure. The interior was made waterproof for hauling ski equipment and was equipped with Dominator Rubber Tracks for snow laden mountains.

Kia’s third concept transformed the Sedona minivan.  The School of Rock represented a recording studio on wheels complete with microphones, speakers, acoustic paneling, and a digital mixing board to turn out those number one music hits while traveling the countryside.

Number four concept was Kia’s brand new Niro hybrid. Called the Niro Triathlon for a triathlete, this new hybrid featured a small pickup bed and a Human Touch ergonomic recliner for the athlete.

Kia is planning on launching partially autonomous cars by 2020, and fully autonomous cars by 2030. Check out a Bismarck Kia dealership and start designing your self-driving car of the future. What lifestyle will yours represent?