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The Most Important Trailer Accessories

When you are operating a trailer, there are certain accessories that will make your job much easier. They also will help protect the integrity and the health of your trailer. For example, when you are loading and unloading a trailer, the load might not be evenly distributed. An uneven load can cause some stress to different parts of the trailer chassis. Even if the trailer is attached to a vehicle, it will put stress on the frame and the suspension of the vehicle while the load is being distributed. If you need to operate the trailer without a vehicle, you’ll need some options as well. Here is what you should look for.

Prop Stands

A prop stand from On Auto will be a great choice for your trailer. A prop stand is a base that you place underneath the trailer hitch. Typically, a trailer has four points of contact with the ground and then a point of contact with the vehicle at the trailer hitch. When the trailer is not attached to a vehicle, the trailer will lean forward onto the hitch. This means that you need to prop up that end of the trailer to load it. Even if it is attached to a vehicle, you need to prop up that end of the trailer to keep the weight off of your vehicle.

The uneven weight can cause twisting and stress on the frame or on the suspension of the trailer or the vehicle to which it was attached. To avoid this, a prop stand can be placed underneath the trailer. Make sure that the prop stand you choose is rated for the weights to which you will subject it.

Jockey Wheel

If you need to move the trailer around without it being attached to a vehicle, you’re going to need another wheel. This wheel, called a jockey wheel, can be attached to the trailer where the trailer would normally attach to a vehicle. You can then move it around. If you have a particularly heavy trailer, you might need a jockey wheel with a pneumatic tire. That will help take some stress off the wheel. Furthermore, you need to make sure that the jockey wheel is rated for your trailer’s weight.


If you need to raise or lower your trailer for any reason, you’ll need a jack. You should choose a sidewinder jack. They are designed specifically for trailers so that you can operate them with very little effort. You should consider the amount of weight to which your jack is rated. Also, you should consider the amount of lift. Some people need only a little bit of lift to level off the trailer; others want a jack that will raise the trailer up higher.