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Stay Safe through The Winter with a New Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz vehicles are known for quality engineering, stylish design, best in class performance, and all-around luxury, but they are also top-rated when it comes to safety. Using the latest technology on the market, the engineers at Mercedes Benz innovate new ways to encourage safety and help drivers have great driving experience. Our safety features make long drives through the country safe and pleasurable. Driving a Mercedes Benz is one of the best ways to stay safe as the weather gets colder and roads get icy. Thanks to multiple innovations in the vehicle that actively help keep occupants safe.

Integrated Technology Keeps Passengers Safer

Each new Mercedes Benz vehicle is equipped with technology designed to make life easier by increasing not only comfort but safety. Collision prevention systems alert the driver of the upcoming obstacles on the road and even apply the brakes if the driver’s response time is too long. This makes hitting pedestrians crossing the street or other vehicles who have stopped short, a thing of the past. The reversing camera makes it easy to back the vehicle up without having to take eyes off the road. Simply look at the tablet-style display to see exactly where to go. Plus, each vehicle comes equipped with a warning triangle and first aid kit to help drivers act in case of an incident.

Minimising Distractions Through Integrated Infotainment

Another way these vehicles increase driver safety is by minimising the number of distractions. Reducing the need for the driver to remove his or her hands from the wheel prevents accidents from taking place. Integrated infotainment systems help to keep the driver informed and entertained while requiring as little intervention as possible. Bluetooth music streaming and smartphone integration with Apple Play make it easy to enjoy music or follow navigation with just a few taps.

High-Quality Repairs from a Qualified Partner

Purchasing a vehicle from The Sandown Group means having a qualified partner to help keep the car in top shape. All vehicles that come to our Service department benefit from our experience in repairs and use of genuine parts to keep the car running smoothly for years to come. This means the vehicle owner has the peace of mind of knowing there is little or no chance of a breakdown of the car on the side of the road due to missed maintenance or shoddy repairs.

Keep safe this holiday season by choosing a vehicle that helps increase occupant safety while delivering power, performance, and style. With many new and used Mercedes for sale at a range of price points. The Sandown Group can help. Stop in today to see our inventory of new and used vehicles in person.