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Reasons to Repair Dents in Your Car

In addition to simply not looking great, dents can cause a number of potential problems that will cause the value of your car to drop dramatically and even lead to serious repairs. A vehicle can receive dents from a wide range of strikes, such as a hailstorm or a hit from a passing cyclist, and they add up over time. Some small dents may seem nearly invisible while others are so obvious that they are one of the first things seen when looking at the vehicle.

There are several considerations that must be made whenever you decide to repair car dents. First, you must ask yourself how much you care about the appearance of your car as well as how much you care about the impact of opinions aimed at the driver due to the condition of his or her car. If you plan to sell your car anytime soon, notice scratches or chips in the paint, or have a number of dents, it is likely that you need dent removal in Perth.

Worst Outcomes

If you receive a dent on your car, it could fracture the sealant of your car’s paint, leaving the exterior of your car compromised and at risk for developing rust and corrosion over time. This process can occur rapidly if your car is regularly exposed to the elements, including precipitation, sunshine, and salty air. If you happen to live near the coast, the salty air from the ocean will undoubtedly speed up the process, causing your car to deteriorate at an alarming rate.

Rust is similar to a painful rash on a human and it can often start with a seemingly harmless dent on any part of the car’s body. From that small dent, the rust will spread through the body of your vehicle, compromising both its appearance and structural integrity until it is significantly reduced in value. Rust can also spread into the inner components of the vehicle, causing valuable components of the engine and other areas to erode and need replacement over time.

Most Likely

Although rust is a serious issue if you have dents on your car, it is more likely that you will simply see a significant reduction in the car’s value. Appraisers and car buyers take each dent found quite seriously and will haggle with you for a lower selling price for each one added to the tally. This is why so many dealerships recommend that you have dent removal services performed on your car before bringing it in as the investment toward the service is nearly guaranteed to be returned when you sell the vehicle or trade it in for a better option.

In extreme cases, numerous dents or even just one severe dent can cause you to lose thousands off the top of your car’s value. This is on top of the value lost due to depreciation, which will have your car worth 20% less the moment it is driven off the lot of a dealership. Rather than allowing this drop in value to stand, you could simply hire a professional team to remove any and all dents from your car from the start.