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Propane scooters: feel the power of the new age fuel

What makes the Progo 3000 superior (and what doesn’t)

It’s almost impossible to believe that there were times you couldn’t see the Progo 3000 scooters around – such simple is the underlying principle of this type of vehicle. Really, the number of innovative features that the Progo 3000 can boast of is approaching zero; and yet the scooter is a live reminder of the fact that true genius lies in simplicity.

The chief rival of propane-powered scooters on today’s market of personal carriers is the electric scooter. In comparison to the fuel that we previously hold popular – omnipresent gasoline – electricity has lots of benefits to it, especially when it comes to the issues of environmental protections. It is clear as noonday that electricity-powered scooters leave no trail of choking smoke behind, offer no fuel leaks and, in general, are quieter and easier in use. They look great – would you believe those scooters actually can’t hold a candle to the propane-powered one?

However “green” electricity may sound to you, it is, in fact, nowhere near as “green” as propane. Just think of all those power plants that burn coal day and night to make it possible for you to charge the battery. And speaking of the lifecycle of batteries themselves: they live no more than 1-2 years, depending on the manufacturer. After this the battery gets junked – and you buy a new and expensive one.

If this sounds gloom enough you definitely should check out the system of interchangeable propane cylinders that the Progo 3000 employs – if that isn’t the solution to the annoying batteries of electric scooters then nothing is.

Yes, we suppose the Progo 3000 is superior to all other types of personal carriers available today. And we cannot think of a reason why you should not agree with this opinion and buy one of those propane scooters – unless you have acquired a specific taste for bulky, low mobility vehicles that require either re-charging or smelly-and-polluting gasoline.

Propane-powered scooter reviews: look closer at what you are about to buy

The Progo 3000 was designed to provide pure and “green” power and as a result is able to whisk you anywhere you want. Many young people believe it represents the best substitute for the conventional gasoline-powered scooter; at the same time, the scooter’s 25cc 4-stroke engine is your personal guarantee of proper speed and endurance.

Also, should you live in a location secured by EPA and CARB regulations; you might not be comfortable with the restrictions regarding conventional gasoline-powered scooters. Good news for owners of the Progo 3000: this scooter has approvals from all the existing environmental protection organizations and thus earns you unrestricted passage everywhere.

Due to its ability to fold, the Progo 3000 is super-convenient for carrying and storage. The vehicle is light enough to be carried upstairs and can be nicely accommodated in a corner of your flat. Forget about clumsy and sluggish personal motor scooters – it’s time for the true freedom of movement with the Progo 3000!