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Mercedes Repair in Dallas

If you asked most folks what is the most luxurious car built, you would hear Mercedes Benz more times than not. In fact, I would bet that Mercedes-Benz is on just abouteveryone’s wish list. If however, you own a Mercedes then congratulations are in order. This truly is a car to own!

Keeping your Mercedes in tip top shape is what our shop is all about. Having craftsman that understands every aspect of this legendary car is what you can expect from our shop. When considering Mercedes Repair in Dallas keep in mind that we relish the opportunity to work on your car, but more importantly we want you to be worry free behind the wheel.

A very common problem is the air ride suspension system. These can be extremely costly to repair. Fortunately, there are aftermarket replacements. Rust behind the license plate. Before you buy a pre-owned Mercedes pull off the back license plate they’re very prone to rust. Suspension issues are common.

Having a team of technicians that know these issues like the back of their hand is paramount to keeping your Mercedes on the road. Even though some of the issues may seem innocuous in nature, if you don’t know what to look for simple or complicated. This costs you diagnostic hours which means higher shop bills.

Mercedes vehicles require diligent servicing. Our craftsman knows exactly what to tune, lube, change, at the right time. Keeping your car in top running condition all the time is what we do. As we get to know your car your technician will have an understanding of the temperamental points of your Mercedes. Less down time!

You might not imagine that a German engineered car would have transmission issues. Keeping in mind that most auto parts are built by humans and can have issues. Knowing what to check for like the 13 pin connector and valve body is learned. If gone unchecked can wreak havoc to the transmission causing much more damage than if our team had checked and made sure you had the proper components. Literally saving you thousands in potential shop bills and unexpected expenses, that never shows up at the right time.

Our craftsman has spent years developing the skills and knowledge to assist our customers. We’re much more reasonable than a traditional dealership but no less skilled in the care of your Mercedes Benz. Skilled hands that understand owning a Mercedes is a stewardship of legend, that customer who reaches the pinnacle of success deserve nothing less.