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Leading Bad Credit Auto Loans with No Money Down in Victoria


First, you need to know what makes a good car dealer.

Talk to most car dealers and you will soon realize that they are a special kind of business people. They make sales out of wit and sometimes out of luck. Best of all, most of them love their job. This is something that happens to be so rare in today’s world. People are simply not in love with their jobs. Far from that tip, you will notice that not all car dealers are the same. Some will charm you with their brains.

Others will just be simple and honest and plead with you candidly to trade with them. By the end of the day however, you will come to realize that only car dealers with the following traits make the most sales.


Like already hinted, loving your job is essential if one is to succeed in it. This is a fact that everyone knows. Unfortunately, people often fail to see this when looking for cars. They talk to a car dealer who is obviously so disconnected from his job that he doesn’t even care if you buy from them or not. Simply avoid such dealers. Trade with his passionate counterpart who seems so eager to meet you right after you hung up the phone. In the end, you will strike a good deal and probably become friends with the passionate dealer. Raising a complaint after the deal, should there be one will therefore be easy.


Don’t be rushed into buying a car. Think of it as building a house. Rushing things will certainly result in a weak structure. It is the same with cars. Rushing to buy a car just because you need it so urgently makes you susceptible to rip offs. But it does not end there. Having a dealer pushing you to rush into sealing a deal with him is just as dangerous. Stick to the patient one.

Apart from the mentioned above, it is also important to find a car dealer who offers the best terms.

Just because you have bad credit does not mean you have to agree to credit terms that you can’t afford.We approve 99% of our applicants and have helped thousands of Canadians. If you make at $2,000 or more a month, we can help you get the loan you need for the vehicle you want.

Apply for Your 2016 New Car Loan

No Money Down and No SIN.

We approve 99% of applicants from Victoria, British Columbia.

Get the Loan You Deserve

Vehicles are easier to finance than a house, they involve less money over a shorter period. A credit score that may give you a subprime mortgage loan could get you a prime or near-prime auto loan. If you apply for an exclusive subprime loan you will be awarded a subprime rate. We look to get you the best loan that fits your budget; the process is simple:

  • Decide what vehicle you want.
  • Fill out the short online application.
  • Allow us time to process your application.
  • Get approved within 24 hours.

Gain an Advantage

When you finance through us you avoid yo-yo schemes and gain control of the bargaining process. We can’t help you avoid everything when it comes to purchasing a car, you still need to beware of unnecessary upsales like:

  • Extended warranties
  • Undercoating for protection
  • Treatments to help avoid scratches and paint chips

Being prepared is the first step in successfully getting the loan you need for a new car. The car you want can be yours, click here to learn more.