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Important Facts About A Car Supermarket

A car supermarket is also known as an auto superstore, car hypermarket or a multi-make car dealer. It is a large, non-franchised and an independently owned car retail outlet selling a complete mixture of new and used cars coming from different brands. These markets generally deal in new to three-year ex-fleet and mass market vehicles with a no-haggle costing model. These supermarkets generally have up to 350 cars in one single location while the larger ones possess over 4000 cars. Average dealer forecourts generally have not more than 100 to 200 cars in stock allowing customers to get hold of wider choice while bringing about a reduction in the requirements of insistent sales techniques. Vehicles available at car supermarkets are generally lower in price in comparison to the ones found at car dealerships. However, this is completely dependent on the economies of scale and even volume sales. Some of the most popular car supermarkets in the UK include Cargiant, Motorpoint, Wilsons of Epsom, Carcraft and Unbeatable Car.

Do Not Consider the Dealerships as Car Supermarkets

Dissimilar to the auto rows which are found clustered with multiple dealerships, car supermarket serve in the form of a single company providing a complete spread of cars from major car manufacturers. There are many dealerships that advertise possessing a large stock of cars in the form of Group stock, but these are generally a small number of cars per location and they should not be considered car supermarkets.

Unique Services Provided by Car Supermarkets

People who have this urge of shopping around in the best way possible when it comes to purchasing things like car fuel, car finance, car insurance or a brand new car itself, should always move ahead and take the services of a car supermarket. Car supermarkets are fast springing up throughout the United Kingdom. They serve as motoring markets where an individual gets the flexibility of comparing cars in different makes and models. Virtual car supermarkets are also making their presence felt and they are making it easier for customers to get hold of the cars of their choice. There are supermarkets that provide finance deals at reasonable rates apart from documentation services on all the cars which are sold. These markets serve as the one-stop solution for people to get hold of their favorite cars within an affordable range. However, if you are unable to find a car of your choice at a given point of time, you have the option of subscribing to the vehicle alerts and the stock list of these supermarkets. This will help you in getting information once the car of your choice is available.

The Conclusion

Car supermarkets are here to stay and stay for a very long time. Since the inception of this system, there has been a continuous growth in the car supermarket arena. Independent analysts are of the view that this rapid growth will continue in the future as well. All in all, you must be assured about the fact that purchasing cars from car supermarkets can be more affordable, more pleasurable and wholly easier in comparison to purchasing them from independent retailers and franchised dealers.