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Imagine what if Car Thieves More Than You Knew

That is exactly the case. Because every 43 seconds (according to one study), a car gets stolen in the US. And when you do the math the figure jumps close to a million in count over the year. In this article we have compile a list of reasons whereby you will be surprised to note that the thieves always knew too much.

But so do you now. Here goes.

The Car Model

The model/make of the car may already be an issue for thieves to get away with it. According to statistics, favorite Japanese used car auction house cars for thieves are Honda, Toyota, any car from GE and Acura to name a few. Point being they offer great resale value to the thieves and its parts are in demand.

The most cars to have been reported as stolen were Honda Civics and Honda Accords, in the US alone.

The parking plays a pivotal role

Yes, you have to be able to know where you are parking the vehicle. Often thieves refrain from attempting to steal a car which parked directly outside the front of a house or in the driveways since they are very visible there.

Thieves prefer dark locations which are secluded. These could be apartment buildings and complexes. It can also be carports, underground parking and parking garages etc. it is because these places offer a lot of variety as every kind of car is there and they can very easily take their pick.

Things That They Dislike

The count is five in number; daytime, alarms, kill switches, nosy neighbors and security cameras. They aim to be quick with their efforts and the aspects above tend to ruin their stealing attempt. This naturally brings a lot of attention to the thieves and they would stay clear of such vehicles that have these systems installed.

If they could but know beforehand and you are in luck that there is no way of knowing it. So what we are suggesting is that get them installed in your cars and prevent any mishap from happening. Especially well hidden kill switches can really send the thieves return empty handed.

Kill switches work by disrupting the flow of electricity at the battery level or at the time when ignition is turned on. The kill switch in place, will immediately disable fuel pump. What’s good a car if it can’t run. The ones looking for a fast thieving attempt are made a mockery of car. The car laughs back in their faces.

Similarly good alarms that have the ability for motion sensors, as state nosy neighbors such checking on you in the middle of the night to see what you are up to (works in favor, on occasions) and security cameras can deal a severe blow to the stealing plan.

Never a Good Idea to Leave Spare Keys in the Car

Thieves know and know where to look for those extra set of keys. Valet keys is an example that can open the side door of the Arai auto auction car and can even allow for the car’s engine to get running. This key cannot open trunks or glove compartments. New BMW models have this valet key in car’s tool kit inside the trunk.

Since they know, they can get away with your car like a piece of cake. Valet keys are useful when somebody else is operating the vehicle and that certain somebody you don’t want to be the thief who stole your car.

In Conclusion

These are few of the aspects they are aware of but we all do mistakes. It may be you can catch them in the act with right security measures in place.