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How to Save Money When Hiring a Crane

Hiring a crane is often a necessary aspect of any large construction project. Large RSJs and plant equipment are both big and heavy in nature, often meaning that any manoeuvrability problem can’t be solved by several site operatives a bit of elbow grease.

Cranes indeed make our lives much easier but they’re also very expensive with hire costs that can run into the thousands before they’ve even been assembled on your construction site. To keep these costs as low as possible, this article will provide you with several tips to assist you in making sure you receive value for money.

Get the Size Right

There is no one size fits all crane offering. Each model will have different load and span characteristics that may mean you end up requiring more than one depending on your site layout.

The most cost effective way to go about procuring a crane is to only hire the size you need to get the job done but this isn’t always possible which is why you should make your decision on the overall needs of the project rather than an individual lift.

Be Mindful of Obstructions

Unfavourable access restrictions to your site are a sure fire way to see the costs rise. You will find that additional planning will be required to make sure the crane you need is able to traverse narrow access routes and areas of soft or unstable ground which may not be suited to the wheels of a large goods vehicle.

If there is anything you can do to make access to your site more straightforward you should consider it.

Agree Where the Crane Will Be Assembled

The longer you keep your hired crane and its operator waiting, the more costs you will incur. The exact zone of assembly should be agreed with your crane hire company before placing your order and the crane arriving on site.

Remove any Obstacles

Tying in with our previous point, any obstacles in the immediate path or working area of your hired crane should be relocated. This includes any personal vehicles belonging to site staff, site machinery and plant as well as skips and material stores.

These obstacles will only serve to get in the way and if aren’t needed for the lift, should be removed.

Avoid Peak Travel Hours

Logistics, which includes for an element of fuel and time required in getting your crane to site can be very costly. Large cranes are heavy and will require a vehicle of appropriate size to facilitate delivery. The last thing you want is your crane sitting in traffic whilst you’re paying for it. See if you can agree an out of hours delivery which may work out to be cheaper or at least more cost effective.

Contact A Crane Hire Company

No matter where your construction site is located across the country, there’ll be a crane hire company nearby to offer their services. Crane hire in Manchester and the surrounding areas can be procured from one of many suitable companies who all have the required expertise to get the job done. We suggest obtaining a few quotations just to compare prices.

With the right forward planning, hiring a crane doesn’t have to end up forming too large a part of your contracts overall budget.