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How to Make Money with your Car

Let’s face it, we all like to make money, especially if we don’t have to do anything in return. Car sharing allows car owners to do just that, by allowing registered hirers to rent their vehicle when it isn’t being used. Forward thinking companies like HiyaCar have provided a platform for car sharing, and the benefits are there for all concerned.

How it Works

If I am a registered owner, and a person wants to rent my car, they simply make contact through the website, and then we both come to an agreement. The hirers are screened before being accepted, and by simply entering their required type of car and location, the database will reveal the choices, and they can decide which owner to contact.

For the Car Owner

Car sharing gives the car owner a supplementary income while they are not using the vehicle, and when they rent the car out, the payment is automatically put into their bank account. Many people who no longer own a car, still require the use of one from time to time, and by registering with a car sharing program, they can browse at their leisure. The owner is always in complete control, and the car is only available at specific times, which are designated by the owner.

Comprehensive Insurance

The car share company would insist that all vehicles are adequately insured, and with carefully screened hirers, the owner is fully protected. When a person makes contact and wishes to hire the vehicle, a meeting is arranged between the two parties, and after a quick visual inspection of the vehicle, the hirer can be on their way.

Extra Income

Your car might be your pride and joy, and when it isn’t being used, you can make extra income by hiring it out. It is a free service if you want to list your vehicle, and the process is very easy. From that moment on, you are in control, and can make a significant amount by doing nothing, except allowing your car to be rented out to a responsible driver.

For the Hirer

The system is ideal for the person who is looking to hire a vehicle, even if it is only for a couple of hours, and with a wide range of quality cars to choose from, there will be something suitable not too far away. Once you have found the right car, make contact with the owner, and when the details are agreed, you simply meet the owner, receive the keys, and you are on your way. It really is as simple as that!

A Growing Trend

Car sharing is becoming popular, as it offers an easy way for a person to rent a vehicle, and the car owner receives a fee for allowing their car to be used, which is paid into their bank account. The ease and simplicity make car sharing a cost effective way to rent a car, and with a reliable system, all parties are happy.