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How to Keep Your VW Beetle on the Road

Volkswagen is probably best known for some of its unconventional cars. The Beetle, the Thing and the VW bus are all very distinct-looking vehicles. They are easily identifiable because of their somewhat odd appearance, and there is something of a culture that has grown up around them. The most iconic of these, of course, is probably the VW Beetle.

The VW Beetle was produced from 1938 until 2003. Its popularity ebbed and flowed through the years. For example, Beetles were very popular in the post-WWII era because they were very affordable at a time of massive rebuilding in Europe. They then slipped in popularity, but returned to prominence in the 1970s. Afterwards, both in Europe and the United States, the VW Beetle quickly declined in popularity and pretty much stayed there. Regardless of how popular it was at any given time, though, there have always been many devoted fans of the car. Even to this day, many devotees gather in the UK and online to discuss their beloved Beetles and search for parts.

The Hunt for Parts

Finding parts for an original VW Beetle—as opposed to the New Beetle introduced in 1997—can be difficult at times. In the UK and US, production of the cars halted, so they weren’t very popular after the 1970s. However, production continued in Mexico and Rhodesia (which occupied the territory now taken by Zimbabwe) for decades. Official production of the car didn’t stop until 2003. Nevertheless, in Mexico and the southwestern United States, Beetles are ubiquitous.

In fact, due to the dry desert climate of Mexico, many of them look and run just like new. They’re not rusted or corroded. The newest parts are also only about a decade old. That’s not a bad deal. However, if you’re living in the UK, it might be kind of hard to get Mexican VW parts, right? Not so! You can find cheap original VW parts by shopping online. Many retailers sell NOS (new old stock) parts as well as second-hand parts. And since you’re ordering them over the Internet, you can get them from just about anywhere in the world.

The Question of Quality

Since there are so many parts available for VW Beetles, you might be tempted to buy them yourself instead of going through some kind of a broker. So why would you need a website to help you get parts? Well, the reasoning is two-fold. First, a parts website is going to have relationships with many other retailers and suppliers. They’ll be able to find more parts from all over and therefore provide better prices. Secondly, as a retailer, they will be able to ensure the quality of your parts. Anybody can pull a picture off the Internet and claim that’s the part they’re selling. And when it gets to you and it’s rusty, you might not have the means to be reimbursed.

If you buy from a reputable dealer, though, you do. They ensure the quality of the products they sell, so you know you’re getting the part you’re looking for. Also, retailers will be more up front about the dates of the different parts. After all, if you want a part for a car built in 2000, you don’t want to end up with an improperly labelled part from the 70s instead.

So to keep your VW Beetle on the road with parts from all over the world, just go online to find the retailer who can give you exactly what you require.