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How to Fix Your CA Traffic Ticket

We have all been there – you got a ticket for speeding and as a result are stuck in a CA traffic school in order to get a ticket dismissal. While the school is a bit of a chore, it is a great first step to not only clearing your record of the blemish, but also affording yourself better automobile insurance rates.

How you ended up in CA traffic school, and the benefits of attending

There are a lot of reasons why people get stuck in a CA traffic school. One of the most common reasons is that you got in trouble with the law and were given the options of going to the traffic school and getting a ticket dismissal or paying a fine (or worse). Typically, the types of infractions that you would expect to land you in a CA traffic school are if you were caught speeding. Traffic school is designed more or less to be a deterrent to further infractions – dull, miserable, and long with a series of lessons to take to heart. These lessons can involve defensive driving techniques, California traffic laws, and helpful general information to improve your motorist skills and to avoid having to attend in the future.Do note that while you may be able to get a ticket dismissal by attending, you are not guaranteed to come out unscathed – you may still be stuck with the fine.

While attending CA traffic school may not be the best time in the world, having to go is a heck of a lot better than paying a fine or getting a suspended license. It may also result in the violation being cleared from your records and a ticket dismissal, so that’s a plus. Having a clean record goes a long way to getting better automobile insurance rates, which is especially important for younger drivers. The auto insurance incentives vary depending on the provider that you choose, so check them out to see which one works best for you. Traffic schools aren’t just for people who want to clear their record however; it is also available for drivers who are voluntarily attending, which may help them get a Safe Driver Discount as an incentive. Be sure to read up on this if you are interested, just to make sure that you apply.

Infractions that are considered too severe for CA traffic school to be an option

While a fair few people will be able to get a free pass (of sorts anyway) for their driving, not everyone is going to be as lucky. While you can get a speeding ticket dismissal by attending CA traffic school, there’s a limit – if you go more than 20 miles per hour over the speed limit for instance, that ticket is more than likely going to stick with you. The reasoning being that going a little over the speed limit – while irresponsible and careless – is just that; it may be frowned upon, but it a familiar slip. Going well over the speed limit though? It is reckless and potentially deadly to the people inside and outside of the vehicle. Repeat offenders also may find themselves out of luck, as the courts may decide that traffic school is not working to get that driver to slow down.

Things you need to apply

Aside from the possibility of being denied for extreme or recurring infractions, you need to ensure that you meet certain criteria in order to apply. In order to dismiss a ticket, the following must be true:

  • The violation did not occur in a non-commercial vehicle
  • Alcohol must have not been involved
  • Your driver’s license is valid
  • The violation was not a misdemeanor
  • There must have been an 18-month gap between a previous completed traffic school

If these apply to you, you have a good chance of being able to attend a CA traffic school to get a ticket dismissal.