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How to ensure speedy settlement of diminished value claim in Hawaii

Diminished value claim in Hawaii arises when an insured motorist hits and runs which causes undue reduction in the market value of the car even if it is fully repaired. Hawaii is one of the states where the victim can get the financial relief from the insurance company of the party at-fault even if his vehicle is not insured. Alternatively, he can also make the uninsured accused pay the difference in market and diminished value by going the legal way.

Here is how you can get speedy settlement

Speedy settlement is possible if you have done your homework aptly. Listed here are certain things which you must do:

Get the correct valuation of the damage done

Exaggeration of facts does not do any good to the claim settlement cases. Thus,

  • Hire a reputed evaluator: It is advisable to take the services of a certified evaluator to get the clear picture of the market value of the car after the repair. This helps you negotiate the claim in correct light.
  • Take help of a diminished value lawyer: Online help for filing the diminished value claim settlement is available at where you can get the complete information as well as expert advice on document evaluation, presentation of cases, filing reports etc.

Diminished Value occurs when you are in an accident where someone else is at fault. After your car has been repaired and upheld to its previous state there is still an immediate loss of resale value. The diminished value to a car in Hawaii can range anywhere from 15% – 50%. It is important to take in consideration that because of the wide variety of car resale websites on the Internet (such as carfax, autocheck and much other accident report companies) it is very easy for anyone to look up a vehicle’s history. Studies show that only 1/3 of Americans are willing to buy a car that has been in a previous accident. This is why it is important for Hawaiians to seek the right help in recuperating all of the losses owed to you when you are in an accident and you were not at-fault.

Present the case with legal help

Hansen Price is one of the reliable places where you can get all the help related to understanding the legal framework of diminished value. They make the paperwork easier for you, help you file all the mandatory checks’ reports and facts, and also help you negotiate the settlement amount in your direction so that you get the best possible claim size.

This is how you can file the diminished value claim settlement in Hawaii where laws are very much in favor of the victim and provide him ample relief.