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How Tech and Other Factors Made Travelling Easier Over the Years

Travel is something that probably no one in the world hates, apart from the gruesomely long flight and transit hours. When one thinks of taking a break from the mundane life, travel is first to pop up in the mind. The travel industry has come a long way in say, the last 70 years and we can safely conclude that it has become much easier to travel now, be it domestically or internationally. From technology to connectivity, we have so many factors to thank for this. Let us have a look at them.

The Reign of Technology

The invention of tech is one of the most influential factors in increasing the popularity of travel. Our great grandparents did not know what a town; merely 50 km away looked like without visiting it. They were unaware of the world outside theirs because they barely went past it. Today, an Australian who has never left the country knows what is going on in Canada that very second, how Northern Lights in the Arctic look like and how Mount Agung’s volcanic eruption has taken a blow on Bali’s tourism. This is our world today. This is the power of media.

We have bloggers making a life out of travel and educating the world with their shenanigans. We have movies, travel shows and even incredible drone videos making us feel like we are wandering around the world whilst sitting on our couch but still pushing us to experience it in real life. We see others doing it and we want to do it too. See tech can make it all easier.

Increased Connectivity

Heathrow Airport in London, one of the busiest airports in the world manages a whopping 1300 combined take-offs and landings in just a day. The number of airlines, flights and journeys have grown by heaps and bounds, making the world more connected than ever. There are multiple cruises to Antarctica every year. A round-trip cruise from Ushuaia, Argentina, the southernmost city of the world to the land of penguins can be completed within 10 days. Just 10 days!

Cheaper Travel

Discounts everywhere! You see many travel agencies, airlines and hotels rolling out juicy promotional offers every day, especially in tourism driven countries. Their aim is to attract you so don’t hold back, pounce on the meat and bon appetite! It is a win-win situation, there is no harm except to your boss who unwillingly grants you all those leaves from work.

Higher Incomes

Standards of living have risen along with the average income of people. Years ago, a larger part of the population was poverty-stricken but improvements are happening day by day. Older generations are making sure the newer ones are better off. And the newer ones are doing exceptionally well, surpassing all the past generations. Sure, the less privileged ones still cannot afford but the others can afford to shell out bucks on experiences after having the necessities.

Cultural Globalization

Cultural globalization has made us more aware of the cultures around us with media playing a part here as well. A Ghanaian stepping into Japan would not be as taken aback today, as compared to the yesteryears. People looking so different than him/her, speaking a different language and practicing such different traditions than him/ her might not be surprising at all. It may by overwhelmingly wonderful but not astonishing because he knew what it would be like. It isn’t that alien to him. That is the beauty of globalization.

Our friends hail from all over the world and even if we don’t talk to them much, we know all about their life back in their country thanks to their Facebook Timelines. Globalization has truly brought us closer and urged us to know and explore each other’s worlds.

Further, even domestic connectivity has enhanced. Metros, trams, buses and cab services have really contributed a lot to the growth of tourism. A picturesque lake was perhaps not known to many back then because they could not reach it. But with new roads today, simply book a bus tour to the lake and you will face no troubles.

So, now you see how all these different aspects came together to give such a push to travel that it now gets listed as a hobby in people’s profiles.

A paradox that millennials will agree to is that you need to work so you earn money to travel and you need travel to escape the stressful routine to keep you sane at work.