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Heated Windshield Wiper – Cold Weather Can Be A Big Pain For Many Reasons

The essence of the heated wind shield wipers is to give you a clearer view when driving in a terrible weather condition. But to achieve this aim, the heated wind shield wiper has to work with the vehicle de-froster system.

Choose Crystal Clear Blades for long lasting performance heated windshield wiper. When the heated windshield wiper blade is turned on through its heated wiper blade system, it induces heat as a result of the presence of certain elements in its silicon rubber squeegee. Also, the structure is kept ice free as a result of the presence of another heating element which heats the structure pivot points. Are you bothered about how to install the heated wiper switch on your vehicle? Don’t loss sleep about it. Because the heated wiper switch can be installed or wired to any vehicles’ 12-volt electrical system.

With an enhanced squeegee design, the heated wiper blades are perfect and efficient too. Its squeegee is built with a silicon rubber compound, an 18 guage automotive wire and also an illuminated heavy duty on/off switch to enable the heated wind shield wiper carry out it duties. The heating element offers you a round the clock performance required to guard against harsh weather conditions. With its over 200°F temperature generation or even at 40°F temperature, it still prevents ice accumulation on the wiper blades.

By just turning on a switch, your wiper blades will be electrically heated up and it will melt the snow and also the ice build-up before it freezes. This in turn makes your wind shield and windows snow free and give you a clearer vision when driving.

Another factor why the heated wiper system is the most sought after in the market is because of the fact that its installation process takes little time and uses only basic tools.

Tips on the Importance of Wiper Blades

Having your vehicle at its best performance level involves taking into consideration all the features of your vehicle and this include the wiper blade. This is because most driving decisions are based on how clear you see the road.

Based on that fact, it is strongly advised that your wiper blades have to be replaced every 6 months or after every 6,000 miles. Its replacement is necessary because of the following reasons:

  1. The weather contributes a to wiper blade wear. Due to the freezing temperature during winter, the wiper rubber parts are usually hard and brittle and this can lead to cracking and tearing. While in severe hot temperature, the rubber can get warped and disrupt the effective wiping of your wind shield.
  2. Just like other mechanical components, excess use can also damage your wipers and cause cracks on your wind shield when the wiper is switched on.
  3. The rubbers too loses it firmness over time and this will result to less effective wiping or clearing of the wild shield thus obstructing the driver’s view and endangering his life.
  4. Another factor that causes the wiper blades to loss its effect is, its constant exposure to sunlight. This can accelerate it ageing faster than even excessive usage.