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Get To Know Your Car Radiator Better


It is only when your car breaks down on the highway owing to excessive heat that you come to know about the importance of a radiator. This component is an essential part of a modern car and forms an important part of the cooling system of its internal combustion engine. Radiators function by pushing hot water from the engine through tubes, allowing the dissipation of heat from the water or coolant. Once the liquid is cooled, it returns to the engine and the process is repeated. It may sound quite simple to you, but the whole process of cooling the car’s engine is a bit complicated.

Vital Parts of the Radiator

  • The Core: If you are wondering what could be the most essential part of a radiator, the answer is its core. This part comprises of fins that perform the task of transferring heat from the coolant to the air. In order to do this its fins need to have excellent heat conducting abilities. Aluminum and copper are the materials commonly used for making the fins of a radiator.
  • Transmission Cooler: Radiators having automatic transmission capabilities have a transmission cooler that uses the coolant sucked back into the engine for absorbing heat from steel tubes that carry the transmission fluid. A Pontiac radiator is known for its highly efficient transmission cooler. It has been brilliantly designed to handle transmission cooling.
  • Pressure Cap: If you have tried removing a radiator cap and faced the extreme heat, never try it again. This happens because of the boiling point which is raised by keeping the coolant under pressure. Your car’s cooling system prevents the coolant from boiling as it heats up using pressure. This is done with the use of pressure cap or radiator cap.
  • Outer Tank and Inlet Tank: For the hot coolant coming from your car’s engine and the cool coolant going towards it, there are tanks on either side of a radiator. They are known as inlet and outlet tanks. Generally made of plastic, they come in different capacities, depending on the radiator size of cars.

You can always shop for a radiator from the auto shops. For more convenience, it is advisable to buy it online from a reliable website that sells auto parts. When you are buying a radiator for your car, it is necessary to determine whether it is compatible with its make and model. Once that is done, you can make the best choice in radiator designs by going through all the available options.

Author Bio: The writer is an auto expert, who writes for a leading publication on automobiles. He has been following Pontiac radiators closely for quite some time and likes them for their brilliant performance.