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Florida’s Top Ford Vehicles

When it comes to Florida’s most popular vehicles, Fords tend to place toward the head of the pack. It’s one of many Florida facts, residents have fallen in love with Ford vehicles for a variety of reasons. Fords tend to be reliable and rugged elite performers that stand the test of time. Let’s take a look at some of the sunshine state’s top Ford vehicles.

The Ford Mustang

Head on out to any busy town or city in Florida and you will likely spot at least one Ford Mustang. This top-seller is easy on the eyes, loaded with power and plenty of fun to drive. Available in all sorts of eye-catching colors like Triple Yellow, Indigo Silver, Grabber Blue and White Platinum, the new Mustang matches Florida’s wondrous natural colors. Most Floridians are quick to say that appearance matters a great deal. This is part of the reason why the Mustang is so popular in the sunshine state. It has a sporty and sleek aesthetic with dual exhaust pipes, 17 to 20 inch wheels and uber-cool air extractor style hood vents. Add in the fact that its 8 cylinder 5.2 liter engine has 526 horses and 429 pound feet of torque and it is easy to see why so many Floridians have fallen in love with the new Mustang.

The Ford Fiesta

The car builders at Ford designed an absolutely glorious driving machine in the new Fiesta. Floridians have quickly taken to this new ride. Its name sounds tropical and it provides as much fun as an actual fiesta celebration! Priced under $14,000, the new Fiesta is a boat load of fun. This compact car handles like a go-kart. It is agile, nimble and powerful. Furthermore, the Fiesta fits the visual aesthetic of Florida’s culture. It is aerodynamic, stylish and elegant from top to bottom.

The Ford F-150

Settle into the new Ford F-150, press the gas and you’ll be crisscrossing our state’s beautiful roads with considerable acceleration, agility and style. Just be sure to keep an eye on your speedometer or your might end up in Florida traffic school! Floridians are absolutely enthralled by the Ford F-150 for good reason. This vehicle was first introduced to the American public nearly 70 years ago. It has gotten better with each successive year.

The F-150 really is the perfect outdoor vehicle in every respect. It has over 370 horses, a 12,200 maximum tow rating and enough space for upwards of six people. Floridians tend to be outdoors types, so a truck like the F-150 is ideal for our populace. It has ample cargo space, can withstand temperatures up to 120 degrees and can even venture off-road without a problem. Whether you need to haul sports equipment, gear for your business or family members from point A to point B, the F-150 will get the job done without hindrance.

The Ford Taurus

Stroll around town and you will likely see several Ford Tauruses. The Taurus is one of the most popular sedans in the country. Floridians have embraced the vehicle’s sophisticated design, its ample interior space and its general ease of use. This is the perfect vehicle for Floridians who have kids, those who embark on road trips and anyone who desires a smooth ride with considerable interior space. Part of the reason why the Taurus is so popular is its 3.5 liter Ti-VCT engine that provides 288 horsepower. Some opt for the 2.0 liter EcoBoost engine that yields nearly 30 miles per gallon on the highway. The Taurus really is the perfect combination of elite functionality and eye-popping form.