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Finding the right tyre for your Vehicle

Your car, just like any other investment needs to be serviced and well maintained to make sure that it lasts ifit’s supposed to without brake down. Part of the process of properly maintaining your car is being able to know when you need to change your tyres and what the right ones to get are. What questions do you ask yourself before you buy a new tyre for your car? if your main objective when considering buying new tyres in the price then you will face problems along the way as there are plenty other factors to consider before deciding on which tyres to get. We have pulled together some of our favourite tips to get you on your way to choosing the right tyres.

Type of car

The first thing you should consider is the type of car you are driving, tyres com in varied sizes and treads so you need to make sure that you check carefully for what you need. If you look at the sidewall of your tyre you should see a mixture of numbers and letters totalling 12 characters. The number refers to the width of the tyre in milometers, the first letter is the radial construction of the tyre and the last letter is the speed rating for that tyre.

Type of driving

We all have different driving styles, so the type of tyre should depend of the type of driving. Premium tyres are made from very high-quality materials and are constructed to last up to 20,000 miles under normal usage and tend to offer better stopping distance while using less fuel.

The weather

The climate where you live will play a key role in choosing the right tyre, if the temperature drops below a certain degree in the winter months you might be better off getting an extra set on winter tyres.

New or part worn

Because tyres can be very expensive some people might be considering getting part worn tyres. If you choose this you should be careful when checking, there is a legal requirement for sellers of part worn tyres, so you should make sure that all these requirements are being met before you exchange money.

Your budget

Finally, you need to consider your budget. How much do you have? How much are the competitor’s tyres going for? How bad do you need new tyres? If you answer all these questions, you’ll be on your way to riding around on new tyres! If you suffer a breakdown on the road you can call out a mobile tyre fitting team to meet you and patch or replace your tyres on the scene.