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Do Drivers Pay Enough Attention to Tyre Safety?

A tyre safety is a number of regular tyre checkups meant to make sure that it’s in a proper condition to provide a car driver with enough safety during his car ride. All in all, it’s a number of regular inspections that should be done to ensure that your tyres are in a good condition.

The necessity to check the car tyres seems to be vital because your personal safety and even your life and the lives of the surrounding people depend greatly on your tyre condition.

Today, we’re going to share a set of tyre safety rules that will help you to understand whether your tyres are safe enough for a daily car drive.

Rule 1: A List of Things You Should Actually Check

If you want to have a safe car drive, try to check the following 5 options of the tyre characteristics regularly:

  • Overall condition of the tyres (inner and outer sidewalls);
  • Tyre tread depth;
  • Tyre pressures;
  • Signs of irregular wear.

Rule 2: Tyre Safety Check Schedule

The tyre safety check isn’t an inspection that should be done daily. It’s quite enough to examine the condition of your tyres and the air pressure inside them at least once a month. It’s really handy to mark this date in your calendar or diary if you don’t want to forget about it.

Rule 3: Why Does Wheel Alignment Really Matters?

Wheel alignment is a part of vehicle maintenance when the angles of the wheels should be adjusted in the way they are set to the vehicle manufacturer’s specification. The necessity of checking the wheel alignment is often determined by the fact that a long car drive on unbalanced wheels may become the main reason of the car accidents and serious car problems. To avoid this, pay attention to the first signs of the unbalanced wheels, including:

  • Pulling to one side when driving on a smooth road;
  • A loud noise that your wheels make when you turn;
  • Uneven wear on the tyres;
  • The steering wheel is off-center when you drive straight forward.

Rules 4: Take Care Of Your Tyres

Getting a safe car ride often depends on the way you actually drive. For instance, it’s vital to purchase the tyres of good quality and the same type and size your car manufacturer requires ,definitely it’s better to buy premium tyres like  Goodyear tires and be sure in quality. Try to ride your car carefully and avoid bumps, curbs and rough surfaces. Pay attention to your wheels rims: replace them immediately once you’ve found any damages on them.