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Dmv registration renewal is must and applicable to all vehicle owners

Before any of your vehicle registration expires, one must get its DMV registration renewaldone on time. You can get them renew within your DMV (department of motor vehicles) DOR (department of revenue) SOS (Secretary of State or MVD (motor Vehicle division). Whether you are doing your DMV registration renewal for your motorcycle, car, recreation vehicle or any trailer, you will definitely require below mentioned things.

The basic essentials

  • One must complete and sign the renewal application or notice on time
  • Must include the vehicle plate series and driving license number
  • Pay the whole vehicle registration fees for its renewal
  • Must give and pass the smog check, vehicle inspection and emission test
  • Submit the registration form on time after paying off the fees to MVD, DOR, SOS or DMV
  • After the completion of whole process of registration renewal, you will receive back the new registration card of your vehicle and the license plate registration number sticker
  • One can renew their vehicle registration within their state
  • One can get them renew online by selecting the state and can get the motorcycle, truck car registration done


To renew the registration one must understand the below mentioned things. One must begin with below things:

  • One must hold the last five digits of vehicle identification number for their vehicle and in case of boat or vessel, they must have their HIN (hull identification number)
  • Must hold the smog certification filed with department of motor vehicles
  • They should also hold a valid renewal notice that reflects the current address and duly confirmed through address system which should also be updated
  • No extra charge is asked for renewing the registration of vehicle online

The dmv registration renewal involves four basic steps

  • One must enter the vessel or vehicle information
  • Confirm the entered information and select further the payment options
  • Read properly and accept the internet banking terms, if applicable
  • Get a copy of confirmation of your payment or transaction

One can even get their vehicle renewals annually. The DMV usually sends renewal notice in advance before the expiry date of your registration. The notice may include the following things

  • The renewal fees
  • Data of your vehicle expiration
  • Vehicle information

One can get the registration renewal through numerous options as online or telephone.


One can even get their renewal online without paying off the delinquency fees or unpaid traffic. To renew online you will require

  • The last five digits of VIN (the vehicle identification number)
  • Proof of vehicle insurance on papers with DMV
  • The proof of the smog certification on papers with DMV CA
  • Payment for covering renewal fees ( ATM card, debit or credit, checking A/C number)


You can get this done if the renewal notice includes the correct address and you don’t have any unpaid ticket fees. You can call at (800) 921-1117 for renewing over phone. You must hold the VIN, a valid proof for vehicle insurance, the emission certificate proof on papers with DMV and license plate number