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DIY Windshield Repair Tips

When your windshield gets broken, you have two choices. You can either get a professional to fix it for you or you can fix it by yourself. Since fixing a windshield can be pretty tricky, do not do it before reading these DIY tips from an Auto Glass Pro Etobicoke.

The first step is to buy a DIY auto glass kit. You can purchase a DIY auto glass kit online from Amazon or eBay and various other vendors, or you can purchase it from a local auto glass shop like Auto Glass Pro Etobicoke located at 14 Fifteenth St, Toronto, ON M8V 3J4. Telephone: (416)795-9044.

Most of the DIY kits usually contain instructions on how to repair the windscreen on your own. You can follow the step by step procedure given. The kits also have a removal tool to help you get rid of the broken glass. It also has a tool for injecting resin into the damaged windscreen and a tool to help in curing.

To repair the windscreen, inject resin into the chipped area. If you are repairing a crack, drill holes at the end of the cracks to prevent them from spreading. Drill to the middle layer of the windscreen but not through it. A windscreen is made of three layers, with the layer of polymer lying between two glass layers.

Give yourself ample time to fix the windscreen since you probably won’t do a good job if you are in a hurry. Also work when the weather conditions are favorable. Avoid working when it is raining or when the sun is too hot. You are better off working in the shade, so that you don’t have to worry about the weather changing as you work.

Carry out the repair as soon as possible. Do not wait for too long to work on the screen, otherwise the damaged area will grow bigger and will require more work to fix.

If you are doing this for the first time you can attempt to repair and inconspicuous area of the screen, so that in case things don’t go so well, it won’t be so visible, for instance, on the bottom part of the passenger side of the screen. Just don’t expect the repaired area to look as good as other parts of the screen, because it won’t.

If the repair you want to do will compromise the structural integrity of the windscreen, consider getting a replacement rather than doing a repair.

It is good to try and save money whenever you can but try not to cut corners when fixing your windshield, otherwise you are going to end up spending a lot of money that you would otherwise have just used to pay a professional to do the job for you. So if you are not sure that you can handle the process, get someone else who knows what they are doing like a local Auto Glass Shop.

The contents in this article were derived from a technician from Auto Glass Pro which is a Canadian auto glass company specializing in high quality auto glass services.