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Luxury Cars

Commute in Comfort

Gas Stops at Your Convenience

With the high MPG ratings of these vehicles, you can plan your gas stops and have fewer of them. Some offer all-electric mode, able to drive to Salem and almost all the way back with just electric power. Unlike early electric vehicles, they also can run on gas for longer trips, and have great comfort and performance.

Comfort in the Car

Perhaps the greatest comfort is when you don’t have to get out in the rain and snow to fill up the tank – you can fill it on a sunny day, and you’ll have plenty of time before the next stop. On that basis alone, you’ll want to check out a Ford Hybrid for Sale in Aumsville OR soon!

Just Another Evolution of Car Engines

You’ve probably seen the specialty electric vehicles from various manufacturers. These hybrids are more like the change from carburetors to fuel injection – the same types of cars, just a different way to power them. Ford offers compact cars, family-size vehicles, hybrids for business fleets, all designed to add to the enjoyment of driving Ford vehicles with lower fuel costs.

Checking out the current line, you can see how they are pushing the leading edge and improving the electric power features to help you move towards convenient all-electric operation whenever possible. Electric cars have been around long enough that Ford has had the opportunity to learn what drivers want, what makes the switch (sorry for the pun!) to electric power a breeze.

Making Charging Easy

Some of the key features they’ve added include a fast-charging option when you have 240V outlets available, but 120V charging for everyday use and “refueling” almost anywhere. It’s almost the same as charging your iPhone, except it’s often outdoors. The range on a charge is perfect for most commuters, too, so watch that gas bill plunge.

Pep? You Bet!

Even economy car drivers aren’t happy without a bit of “pep” in their engines, so Ford has made sure that their hybrid vehicles have good acceleration and, while the speed limit is always important, they can go as fast as 85 MPH when needed

Adding high voltage batteries to new models is helping them put even more performance “under the hood,” as the saying goes. Some of those sayings are going to have to change, as these cars are getting pretty popular. People are definitely heading down to check out a Ford Hybrid For Sale in Aumsville OR.

When you head to the Corn Festival next year, you’ll probably see plenty of neighbors and folks from Salem parking their Ford Hybrids and enjoying the day. It’s a lot easier to take trips and enjoy your weekends as well as commute comfortably when you’ve got an efficient, well-built vehicle. The technology that makes them so great is well tested and designed to meet your standards as a driver, wherever you’re going.