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Checklist from Immigration Consultancy for Express Entry Updates

Like every year thousands candidates aspire to migrate from their home land to Canada. The basic things which attract all the migrants are the good climatic conditions, great job opportunities and a great lifestyle. There are many things which you need to check before you migrate to Canada. Even if you miss a single document or the processing of yours you will be disqualified from getting the permit to Canada. There are few essential documents you need to carry with yourself when you are travelling to Canada.

Many times the express entry has been lenient with the applicants even if you have low qualifying marks. But the qualifying marks really play a vital role when you are applying for Immigration Consultants for Canada. This year the number of applicants has increased a lot as compared to last year. The basic changes in the important checklist should not be ignored at all. Whichever changes have been made are meant for the benefits of the applicants. It helps making the entire processing quite smooth and hassle free. Just because of these reasons most of the candidates were waiting for the renewal of the check list. Immigration consultancy also strictly follows these check list when it comes to Canada immigration.

Some Important aspects of the Check list for Top Immigration Consultants for Canada:

  1. For studying in Canada- If you are looking forward for studying higher than your school levels then you will be getting get points from the system of express entry. You will be getting 15 points for a diploma course of 1-2 years certificate. You are sure to get 30 points for your degree course or any course for more than 3 years. Your 30 points is assured if you will be perusing doctoral degree or any special course.
  2. Change in the job opportunity- With the new checklist policies you will be getting 50 points for a valid job opportunity in Canada in any category. In professional occupations you could get 200 assured points for working over there.
  3. Enough of time for submitting the Canadian express entry documents- Few years back it was mandatory for a person to submit their documents within 60 days from receiving your certificate. But with the new policies in the checklist it has been extended to 90 days with the receipt of ITA.
  4. No need of LMIA for some job offers in Canada– LMIA is one of the most important documents when it comes to applying for migration. Every aspiring candidate will have to acquire the same for working in Canada. For some jobs like federal provincial agreement, intra company transfer or mobilite francophone you do not need it to be LMIA approved.
  5. Job offer period– The good quality of job offer from Canada only needs a minimum of one year of experience then you get the permanent residence of Canada.

If you keep all the points of this check list in your mind, you will get a hassle free entry in Canada. Consult any good immigration consultancy for applying the visa and you will definitely get all the services quite easily.