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Car Suspension Problems Drivers Should Not Ignore

Unlike fine wine and aged cheese, luxury cars do not age gracefully when left unmaintained for years. The wear and tear are even more noticeable when cars like the Mercedes-Benz are used frequently. The mileage and usage eventually affect the car’s critical suspension components which result in a less than optimum driving experience. MB car owners who are passionate about keeping their luxury cars in top shape know that suspension problems lead to losing some of the car’s handling characteristics, which is not an option.

Here are common signs that your Mercedes-Benz might need new OEM Mercedes parts or at the very least a tune-up to correct any suspension problems:

Misaligned Wheels

All wheels should point in the correct direction and must be aligned properly. If the wheels are misaligned this will increase the wear and tear and the car becomes difficult to drive. Misalignment can be due to bumps in the road, potholes, or curbs. Make sure that when you get new wheels for your Mercedes, you get them aligned properly too. If you don’t, you’ll find yourself replacing the wheels more frequently.

Worn Out Shock Absorbers

When you begin to notice your MB bouncing more and more during your drive the shock absorbers are due for replacement. While driving, you will notice a lot more shaking, especially on rough roads because the tires are no longer planted on the road. The shock absorbers contain a type of fluid to help lessen the bouncing and shaking. Once they leak or are worn out they will no longer perform properly.

Spring Problems

Another car suspension problem that will change the handling characteristic of a Mercedes-Benz drastically are the springs. These springs are responsible for holding the weight of the car. When they are damaged, the height of the car changes and clunking noises will become more common. Broken or sagging springs require immediate replacement. If left unchecked for a prolonged period they can do a lot of damage.

Damaged Control Arms

One of the major components of a car is its control arms. This is the part of the car that connects the wheels to the steering mechanism. They are hinges that hold the wheels close to the frame and when turned, the wheels respond to the steering. When the control arms are damaged or worn out they need replacing as soon as possible, without the control arms it is dangerous and difficult to drive a car properly. Simple signs to watch out for include: rattling, clunking, and loose steering ability.

Never Ignore Suspension Problems

Driving a car with suspension problems like those mentioned above is dangerous for everyone on the road, not just yourself. The moment your driving experience changes, it might be time to get your MB checked for suspension problems. Always go for OEM Mercedes parts for the parts that need replacing to ensure that your car continues to run with all of its key handling characteristics. The more attention and care you give your Mercedes, the longer you will enjoy cruising the roads inside it.

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