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Buy a Used Car from a Reputed Dealer to Avoid Hassles

If you are planning to buy a Honda Civic car but do not have the required budget for it then you can always consider buying a used Honda city car. Buying a used car from a reputed dealer will help you to get a good quality car at an optimum price.

There are many advantages of buying a Honda Civic car and if you are interested to know more about the features of this car then you can go through the list of the features discussed in details:

  • It is a 4D sedan car
  • It runs on petrol
  • It has an engine capacity of 1.8l I-4 MPI Sohc 1.8l
  • It gives a mileage of 25km/hour in the city and 36 km/hour on highways
  • This car uses a tubeless radial car and has a 15 inch alloy wheel size
  • The capacity of the fuel tank is 50 litres
  • The carb weight is 1240 kgs
  • The engine capacity is 1799 cc
  • There are 4 cylinders and 4 valves per cylinder
  • The gear type of this car is electronic assisted rack and pinion
  • The length of the car is 4545mm,the width is 1750mm and the height is 1450mm

If you buy this car from a reputed dealer like American Federal Auto, then you will be able to get certain services like a six month bumper to bumper warranty, option of swapping any three times and also a 100% guaranteed loan approval from their auto loan company. Apart from this, there are many other benefits of buying a used Honda Civic car from a reputed dealer and given below is a list of those advantages:

  • The pre-owned Honda city cars have a complimentary vehicle history report which will enable you to get a used car which is in an excellent condition. The reports will help you understand the fact that the all the car parts are in good and usable condition.
  • In case when you buy the car, it does not have any warranty of the vehicles, however, an authorized dealer like American Federal Auto will make sure that you are able to get a warranty for a period of one year
  • There is a lower depreciation rate on the pre- owned cars and this is one of the biggest advantages of buying a pre-owned car from an authorized dealer.

As you have already discussed earlier that there are many advantages of buying car from a reputed car dealer, however, one of the biggest advantage of buying this car is that they also help you with  the different financial options. Getting assistance with the auto loan will help you to buy the car quite easily and you so not have to face any hassles of getting the auto loan sanctioned.

But one thing that you need to remember here is that though there are a lot of advantages of buying used cars, but the most important thing that you have to ensure is that, you always need to buy the car from a reputed second hand car dealer in order to ensure hassle free service.