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6 Proven Tips for Tire Safety

With driving forming an essential part of our daily activities, we must ensure we do it just right! And this doesn’t just include driving well and knowing the road signs, it also consists of keeping your car in a good shape. We are specifically talking about your car’s tires here. You need to ensure they are functioning smoothly to avoid any possible mishaps while on the road. We have a few tips for you to consider.

  1. Check for irregularity

Check out for nails stuck in the tires or for damage and wear. It is recommended that you do this once a month, at the very least. Keep an eye out for uneven or even excessive tread, any cracks, bulges or punctures. If you do detect abnormality, take it for further checking to perhaps the mechanic. It is advised not to risk driving in such as case as it may get worse.

  1. Inspect tire pressure

This can be done when check for irregularity too. Having a low tire pressure is known as underinflation and is one of the common reasons for tire failure. Do this especially before taking the car out for a long drive. You may adjust the pressure as per your investigation. Usually, the ideal pressure of your car is given in the manual. Underinflation can cause stress on the carcass and can even lead to tire separation. Thus, take your precautions seriously!

  1. Keep tires dynamically balanced

Instances when your tires go out-of-balance which can cause damages to your suspension and other car components. A layman may not be able to easily determine whether the tires are balanced so have this checked by a technician.

  1. Avoid overloading the tires

There is a limit as to which tires can bear load. If the maximum load – often given along with tire pressure details – is exceeded, it may even lead to sudden tire failure. Hence, be alert and always see to it that you don’t overload your tires.

  1. Keep tires from overheating

Overheating is caused by many factors such as rash and fast driving, harsh roads, hard braking and underinflation. Your tires’ life is reduced severely if they are constantly overheated. Not to forget, there can be drastic structural damage too. Be cautious to avoid any serious damage or even accidents from occurring due to overheating.

  1. Rotate tires

You should rotate tires to ensure maximum tread life of each. Sometimes, only the front tires carry the most pressure of say, braking and steering which mostly occur in front-wheel drive, causing them to wear quicker. The cross-rotation pattern consists of crossing over each tire. This means switching the front left tire with the rear right axle and vice versa. It is said that you should consider rotating the tires every, perhaps, 10,000 km.

We know that no matter how much precaution is taken, accidents might still happen. If such an inevitable event happens due to lack of tire safety causing a personal injury, you may click here for help.