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5 Ways to Throw the Best Hen Party Ever

Almost every woman is going to come to the point in her life, when it’s time to do the right thing and get wed to that special one man, for the rest of their lives. They rely on their family and friends to not only be there to watch this unique bonding of two good people, but to help see them off in style with one last big hurrah.

Last Night

That last night as a single lady can be full of memories and good times with some of the bride’s closest friends, so she simply can’t let it just go to waste. Looking for Perth limo hire? Get driven by the best out there. A simple night at home with your girlfriends and bridal party will never do when it comes to throwing a Hen party. Check out these fun hen party ideas to make sure you see the lucky woman off in memorable style.

  1. A Karaoke evening is a new and fun way to spend the evening. Add some party food and a few drinks to make it a special night. Watch as the singing gets better or worse as the evening goes on!
  2. Book avenue and have a special themed party of the bride to be’s choice! There has to be some kind of style, past or present that tickles her fancy. Try matching food and drinks to that theme and party on.
  3. Travel in class and style in a stretch limousine. And should you have lots of family and friends,what can be more fun than hiring one limo? Hire two! Get the party atmosphere and drinks going and hit the town, girls’ style! are an affordable and first class service catering to all your Hen party needs. Check them out!
  4. Comedy clubs have these days become a hen party favourite. Add in a meal and some drinks to make it that extra fun evening. There are some brilliant new acts out there these days and the quality of entertainment is now the best it has been for a long time. There is in most cases a disco or nightclub at the end of the evening as well, so the party doesn’t stop until much later.
  5. For smaller groups or for a more relaxed hen night, go for a really superb meal at a great restaurant, followed by a disco, or dance the night away at a respectable nightclub.


And don’t forget to get out the bubbly! Champers is always the best and the most classyway to celebrate, and some bubbles are a must at a hen party. There’s a whole host of decent Aussie wines out there and if that’s not your drink of choice, try some sparkling wine. Make sure to drink well chilled and serve in flutes.Have a great and memorable time wherever you are and whatever you do!