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3 Simple Tips to Avoid You Lost Your Keys – Never Lost Your Keys Anymore

Losing your keys can cost you anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours, depending on when and if he can find them. Many of us have experienced a moment of panic when you’re out of places to look and think and have lost those keys for good this time. If you lose your keys and need the services of insurance or a car key copy, “then locks” always has got you covered. But you also can call The Key Man as the local car locksmith San Antonio to duplicate your keys

However, if you want to try to avoid losing your keys, here are some helpful tips?

1. Place Your Keys Around Your Routine

One of the reasons for the loss of the key could be putting your keys in different places all the time. If you create a routine so you can always put it in one or two places, you can narrow down the places you are looking for. For example you can make a key hooks in your home, or you can keep them near your purse, wallet, or your phone charger, because you usually use these elements

2. Buy Tracking Device Technology

With many technological advances, easy to find device or application that can help at relatively low costs.

  • Download an application to sync with your phone you can locate the key.You can stick it in your purse or attach to your key ring.
  • Buy whistle key finder. This device will beeps main facility where you can find your keys when you whistle
  • Connect the phone and keys with two way paging. Some devices allow you to press a button on your key chain to find your phone or a button on your phone to look for your keychain, so when you have one, you can always find the other.

3. Making The Keys More Colorful

In case you lost your keys, trying to make it easier to search by make them bright or even glow in the dark. Bright, colourful or extensions attached to your keyring. This will make it more clear in the case of loss. Glow in the dark paint or stickers or attachments. Help your find lost car keys and key chain, even in the dark!

If You Still Lost Your Keys, Call Us!

If you have tried these tricks and still end up losing keys, no need to worry. Give us a call and help would be on the road! If you need you lock the car, need to replace car keys, broken key is jammed in the ignition device, you’re locked in your car, or want any recommendations, we have you covered.

The Key Man is the local car locksmith San Antonio which had the locks in the business for a long time so they are happy to offer years of experience when you complete your work. We provide emergency response services and regular maintenance such as repair lock and key duplication and security assessments, and we want to be a locksmith service you can trust everything.