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3 Removalist Scams & How to Avoid Them

Removalists rely on their reputation to stay in business, which is why thousands of moving jobs are completed every day without any legal hitches.

There are, however, dodgy operators in every industry, and when you’re entrusting all of your worldly possessions to a Brisbane Removalist, it pays to do your homework.

Tales of outright theft, unscrupulous overcharging and belongings being held hostage come out of the woodworks now and then, which is why we’ve outlined three common mover scams and given you tips to avoid being stung.

1. Fake movers

Inadvertently hiring or being robbed by a fake removalist is everyone’s worst nightmare. Thieves posing as removalists, who load up a truck with your belongings then disappear into thin air aren’t an urban myth. These brazen thefts are rare, but homes in Darwin and parts of regional Queensland have been targeted in recent times.

2. Disappearing deposits

If you come across a removalist company that quotes a seemingly too good to be true price – on the proviso that you pay a deposit – tread with caution. Unscrupulous operators who have no intention of moving your house at all can hide all sorts of reasons to keep your deposit in their terms and conditions, then simply not show up on the day.

3. Possessions held hostage

Selling storage solutions is a fairly common practice in the removalist industry, but it’s also an area where people can be taken advantage of. Customers who store their items with their removalist company can sometimes be presented with huge bills and have their items held hostage until they pay these additional removal or storage costs.

How to protect yourself

To lower the chance of these scams happening to you, make sure that you:

  • Conduct an ABN search of the removalist’s business name to ensure they are a registered company.
  • Ask to see proof of the removalist’s insurance policy.
  • Look for company reviews on Google, Facebook and comparison/review websites. Sometimes companies post fake testimonials, and identical reviews across multiple websites are a dead giveaway that something is off.
  • Find out if the removalist you’re considering using has Australian Furniture Removers Association accreditation.
  • Always make sure that you have your removal quote in writing and double check that the price will cover everything (including hourly rate, call out fees and any other additional charges).
  • Carefully read the terms and conditions of your contract and don’t be afraid to query anything that doesn’t seem right before you sign off on it.
  • Always take down the licence plate number of your removal truck.

What to do if you’ve been scammed

If you’ve been ripped off by a removalist and haven’t been able to work it out with them, you may want to complain to the Fair Trading Queensland or the Queensland Police.

Don’t be afraid to write a bad review on the company’s Google+ or Facebook listing either.

Reviews and official complaints can help stop scammers in their tracks and prevent others from becoming victims.

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