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2016 Toyota Corolla Review

Buying a car is one of the most important decisions that you make in your life , and thus you need to invest in the right product and want top quality services. Toyota Corolla is one of the most popular cars over the past few years across the globe.

Corolla has been in the market for jsut four years and has never failed to fulfill the user expectations. This affordable and fuel-efficient car is innocuously styled. If you are planning to buy Corolla, this review can surely help you make the right decision.

Fuel Economy

Corolla has a 1.8 litre 4-cylinder engine. The motor of Corolla has 128 lb-ft torque and power of 132 horsepower. As per the EPA, the fuel economy of Corolla is 28 miles per gallon for a city, and on the highway it can be up to 37 mpg.

In the latest version, the 1.8 litre 4-cylinder has a torque of 126 lb-ft and 140 hp. It comes in two wheel sizes, 15 inches and 16 inches. With the increase in wheel size, mpg decreases. Hence, 15 inchers wheel size is considered to be best option when you want to save fuel.

Options and Features

In 2016, Corolla comes in four different models. So, let understand their features in detail.

  • L is the most basic, cheapest and entry level model. It comes with 15 inches wheel. Its features include running LED lights, plastic covers, air conditioning, Bluetooth, power accessories, adjustable-height driver’s seating, UBS and iPod connectivity, 4 speakers audio system and auxiliary audio input. Also, the driver has the choice between 4-speed automatic transmission and 6-speed manual transmission.
  • With 16 inches wheel, LE model has keyless entry, plastic covers, rear-view camera, cruise control, auto climate control, Bluetooth and a 6-speaker audio system. LE also features standard CVT automatic. You can also go for LE Plus Package that includes fog lights and 16-inch alloy wheels. With the LE Premium Package, you can add faux-leather upholstery, keyless access, heated front seat, and power sunroof and navigation system to your car.
  • LE Eco model features better fuel economy with the engine of 140-hp, aerodynamic tweaks, eco-based tires. It also offers Premium and Plus packages.
  • S model is the most epensive model of Corolla. It is like the LE model, but with sport-tuned suspension, CVT including paddle shifters, piano-black dashboard trim, leather covered steering wheel and a thin-film computer screen., it is worth every penny. You can further add Plus Package or Premium Package that includes 17-inch alloy wheel and LE’s Premium additional features respectively.


Corolla offers complete safety to its drivers. It has anti-lock brakes, eight airbags and stability control. All the Toyota Corolla Parts are well-designed and well-engineered. Corolla offers standard front seat with adequate support and space.

In the back, there are three extra inches for comfortable accommodations. Corolla also stands out with its excellent technology with features like CVT, iPod and USB connectivity, 3-spoke steering wheels and much more.

Corolla offers you a safe and pleasant drive each time. Corolla ride will be comfortable, smooth and non-bumpy. You can quickly reach your destination without any problems.